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Lake Forest Park Reservoir and Booster Station Upgrades

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RFP: Closed

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Contract 2020-01

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Project Description

The project consists of the following work:

The project includes improvements to the District’s Lake Forest Park Reservoir and Booster Pump Station. The improvements at the Lake Forest Park Reservoir include demolition and replacement of existing site fencing, installation of new double swing access gate, installation of new access man gate, waterproofing guardrail and posts along the parapet wall, installation of new vehicular wheel stops, installation of a new roof access hatch, modification of existing reservoir access hatch into a roof vent hatches, and associated site restoration.

The improvements to the booster pump station include installation of new electrical vault, demolition, removal and waste haul of an existing generator and associated appurtenances, installation of new remote fuel fill station and alarm panel, installation of new generator and associated appurtenances, modifications to existing booster station door thresholds and installation of window glazing, and painting of interior and exterior of the station, including floors. Electrical improvements to the booster pump station  include modification of existing utility service conduit routing, installation of new utility service meter base, installation of new automatic transfer switch, installation of new manual transfer switch and associated electrical, installation of a load bank connection, installation of new power quality panel, installation of new motor starters and installation of new power distribution panel.

The contractor will be required to work with the District’s control systems integrator, Quality Controls Corporation as subcontractors for the project.

Approximate locations of the proposed improvements are shown on the project construction plans.
The engineer’s construction cost estimate is $775,000.00 including sales tax.

Due to COVID-19, the public bid opening will be conducted remotely. Bidders may attend the Bid Opening online using Microsoft Teams.

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