Northshore Utility District is a special purpose district that provides water and sanitary sewer services to Kenmore and parts of Lake Forest Park, Kirkland and Bothell. Coordination with NUD is required whenever a development activity requires the extension of an existing water or sewer main.

Application for Developer Extension

The developer extension process is broke out into five distinct phases:

two workers in protective gear examining a large sheet of paper

During the predevelopment phase the developer will inquire with the District about the availability of water and sewer service for the undeveloped parcel or subdivision. If water or sewer main extensions are required a pre-application meeting is held with the developer, developer’s engineer and the District to discuss the requirements. Sewer and water construction plans are then prepared by the developer’s engineer.

During the application phase, the developer submits the Developer Extension Application and an initial set of plans. Plans are reviewed and if necessary, a correction letter will be issued identifying any needed changes to the plans. During the plan approval process a DE Agreement is prepared, and connection fees are calculated.

Construction begins with a pre-construction meeting between District staff, the developer, the developer’s engineer and contractor. The construction of water and sewer extensions are then inspected by District staff.

Once construction is complete and final inspections are approved, District staff will prepare the bill of sale documents and collect final connection fees. A two-year maintenance bond is provided by the developer and then the project is accepted by the District, starting the two- year warranty period.

Once the water and sewer extensions are complete the development is ready for service connections, builders will apply for water meters and side sewer permit. District staff will then install the meter and inspect the side sewer connection.