Our Mission

Is to provide necessary services to the community in a safe, reliable, economical, and ecologically responsible manner.

To accomplish this goal, the District will:

  • Manage available resources for the best long-term interest of our ratepayers;
  • Provide our employees with a safe and fair work environment that promotes teamwork, professional growth and excellence in performance;
  • Protect the environment through responsible operating practices and public education;
  • Work cooperatively with the community and other municipal service providers.

17 Square Miles

The District’s corporate service area encompasses more than 17 square miles serving the City of Kenmore, and parts of the cities of Bothell, Lake Forest Park, Kirkland and Woodinville.

Formed in 1947

King County Water District Number 79 was formed in 1947.  In 1979, Northeast Lake Washington Sewer District merged with the water district and the combined districts were known as Northeast Lake Washington Sewer and Water District.  The utility was renamed Northshore Utility District in 1991.  In October 1998, the District moved to its present location at 6830 NE 185th Street, in Kenmore, Washington.

Serving 85,000+

The District serves more than 85,000 people served by approximately 22,000+ water and sewer service connections.  District infrastructure includes 281 miles of water mains, 261 miles of sewer conveyance pipes, 11 lift stations, 3 water pump stations, 11 building structures, 8 storage tanks with a combined capacity of 29 million gallons. The District is also an active local municipal partner for emergency management services and provides fleet services for Northshore/Shoreline Fire Departments and the cities of Kenmore and Lake Forest Park.