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2024 Rate Notification

The decision to raise rates is an issue every responsible utility must face. Northshore Utility District (NUD) did not raise water rates between 2017 and 2022. This is possible largely due to NUD’s unique water supply contract with Seattle Public Utilities (SPU). However, other rising operational costs have been impactful in maintaining safe and reliable water services.

Sewer services have seen similar increases as water. King County Wastewater Treatment Division raised its costs by 5.8% annually over the past three years. This increase is being treated as a pass-through cost to District customers, along with NUD’s rising operational costs. This decision was reached after conducting an open public hearing held on April 1, 2024.

The 2024 Rate Resolution was adopted and applied to all utility bills sent after April 2, 2024, regardless of when service is rendered.

Please read the 2024 Rate Notification Letter for more information.

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Savvy Gardening Classes and Weekly Watering Advice

Are you ready to up your gardening game and get the inside track on watering? Check out these helpful resources:

Savvy Gardening Classes
The Saving Water Partnership sponsors free gardening classes in the spring and fall to help you create and maintain beautiful, healthy landscapes that use water wisely. Upcoming topics include: tips for first-time gardeners, attracting bees and butterflies to gardens, weed wars, and four seasons of color. Find the full schedule and registration information at www.savingwater.org/lawn-garden/gardening-classes. Early registration is recommended as many classes fill up fast.

Weekly Watering Advice

If you want to keep your lawn green all summer long, the amount of water your lawn needs changes every week according to the weather and length of day. Regularly adjusting the watering schedule of your automatic irrigation system (unless you have a smart timer) will help you maintain a healthy, beautiful lawn and avoid wasting water. If you would like to receive a weekly watering advice email for the King County area courtesy of the Saving Water Partnership between April and October each year, complete this form. More information is available at savingwater.org.

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SPECIAL MEETING APRIL 1: Rate Adjustment & Rate Resolution Hearing

A special meeting and public hearing regarding the rate adjustment & rate resolution (first reading) will be held on Monday, April 1, 2024. The special meeting will take place during the regular Board of Commissioners meeting from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. The meeting will be held in-person and remote. To participate in the meeting remotely, please contact Brenda Smith at bsmith@nud.net before 2:00 p.m. on April 1, 2024.


Flow 2024 Issue 1

The Flow: Check Out the First Issue of 2024!

Our first newsletter of 2024 is out! Did you know there are things you can do this spring to make your yard more water efficient in the summer? Also: meet our engineering department, and learn all about water and wastewater utilities. Did you know there are more than 140,000 public water systems in the U.S.?! Happy reading!

The Flow: Spring 2024

Past editions of The Flow

Water supply conditions return to normal.

Water Supply Conditions Return to Normal

Thank you, Northshore Utility District customers! Thanks to the recent rains in our mountain watersheds and your help in reducing water, we are no longer facing a potential water shortage. Customers can return to normal water use.

In September, we asked customers to voluntarily reduce their water usage after an unusually dry summer and a forecasted dry fall and winter. Currently, fall rains have increased our water storage to 100% of normal in the Cedar and Tolt watersheds.

Even though our mountain reservoirs are replenished, using water more efficiently year-round helps stretch our supply for current and future generations. Water conservation can help keep water bills as low as possible, and in many cases, reducing water use can also reduce your sewer bill. Find water-saving tips at savingwater.org.

We thank you for reducing your water use so that there is enough water for both people and fish!

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Northshore Utility District Honors IT Technician for 30 Years of Service

IT Technician Pat Sutherland was recently honored for 30 years of service at Northshore Utility District (NUD).  During his career at NUD, Pat has served in a variety of roles including a Senior Utility Worker and Engineering Technician. In his current role as IT Technician, he is the first contact for any information technology issues and provides ongoing support for NUD’s technological infrastructure and equipment.

“Pat is always the first person everyone chooses to call,” said Pat’s supervisor, Mike Vermeulen. “I think that says a lot about the trust they have in him.”

In order to provide the best possible service to customers, NUD’s utility workers require access to the District’s databases around the clock.  Pat provides that primary lifeline for operations in the field and will respond to requests for help at any hour of the day.

“Our team is committed to providing critical water and sewer services to our community, and technology is a vital part of delivering those services” said General Manager Amanda Campbell. “NUD’s technological systems run smoothly thanks to Pat’s dedication and approachability. Everyone feels comfortable asking Pat for help, and he’s always available to take a call or help someone in need. We are grateful to Pat for his continued service and excited to celebrate this significant milestone with him.”

“Pat has a great sense of humor and is always lightening the mood,” said Mike Vermeulen. “It’s been truly enjoyable to work with him, and I'm looking forward to many more years.”

Northshore Utility District is a special purpose public agency that provides water and sewer services to customers throughout the northeast end of Lake Washington. NUD manages more than 22,000 water and sewer service connections and 281 miles of water mains. For more information, please visit www.nud.net

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Media Contact:

Amanda Campbell, General Manager
Northshore Utility District
(425) 521-3728

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Statewide Drought Advisory Does Not Affect NUD Customers

In early July, the Washington State Department of Ecology issued a statewide drought advisory. However, as noted in the advisory, utility companies in large metropolitan areas including Tacoma, Seattle and Everett have plenty of water for their customers thanks to robust storage facilities.  Water for Northshore Utility District (NUD) customers comes from Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) which anticipates it will have enough water for people and fish this summer based on current water conditions.

After experiencing a drier than average winter and a fast, early snowmelt, SPU took actions to store additional water in the Cedar River watershed.  SPU continuously analyzes its water supply – monitoring water storage in reservoirs, the inflows into the reservoirs from precipitation and melting snow, customer use, and water released from dams to benefit fish. SPU also monitors the near-term and long-term weather forecasts and plans for potential impacts on water supply.

No matter what water conditions are, we always encourage customers to use water wisely and help to conserve this natural resource. Helpful tips can be found at savingwater.org.

June 2023 Flow Header

The Flow: Check Out the Summer 2023 Newsletter

The latest edition of NUD's newsletter, The Flow, is now available. Learn about the Maintenance and Operations Team, the building remodel underway, recent recipients of the All Star Award, and why NUD had to make the difficult decision to raise rates. Thanks for reading!

The Flow Summer 2023 

Past Editions of The Flow

Leaking faucet

May 15-19 is Water-Saving Week

Water-Saving Week is a great opportunity to minimize water waste, help the environment, and reduce your water bill. Northshore Utility District encourages all customers to celebrate the week by learning more about what can be done at home to save water.  Here are a few ideas:

Find and Fix Leaks: If your water bill is higher than usual, you might have a leak. Learn how to identify the source of leaks and fix them. Resolving leaks quickly saves water AND money!

Save Water with Weekly Lawn Watering Advice: Regularly adjusting your watering schedule will help you maintain a healthy, beautiful lawn and avoid wasting water. Check out the Saving Water Partnership’s Lawn Watering page every Saturday for advice on watering for the upcoming week.

Rebates for Water-Saving Projects: Rebates are available to help cover the costs of upgrading to more water-efficient equipment at your home, multifamily property, or business.

Learn more at savingwater.org.

Lawn watering

Save Water with Weekly Lawn Watering Advice

If you want to keep your lawn green all summer long, the amount of water your lawn needs changes every week according to the weather and length of day. Regularly adjusting the watering schedule of your automatic irrigation system (unless you have a smart timer) will help you maintain a healthy, beautiful lawn and avoid wasting water.

In the Pacific Northwest, the lawn watering season usually lasts from June to September. Check out the Saving Water Partnership's Lawn Watering page every Saturday for advice on watering for the upcoming week: savingwater.org/lawn-garden/watering-irrigation/weekly-lawn-watering-schedules.

The Saving Water Partnership is an organization comprised of 19 water utilities in King and Snohomish counties. They offer tips, tools, and rebates to help people preserve our region’s water for future generations. When we work together to use water wisely, it adds up to make a big difference.