Sprinklers watering green grass, offering savvy gardening insights, with a blurred sunny background.

Savvy Gardening Classes and Weekly Watering Advice

Are you ready to up your gardening game and get the inside track on watering? Check out these helpful resources:

Savvy Gardening Classes
The Saving Water Partnership sponsors free gardening classes in the spring and fall to help you create and maintain beautiful, healthy landscapes that use water wisely. Upcoming topics include: tips for first-time gardeners, attracting bees and butterflies to gardens, weed wars, and four seasons of color. Find the full schedule and registration information at www.savingwater.org/lawn-garden/gardening-classes. Early registration is recommended as many classes fill up fast.

Weekly Watering Advice

If you want to keep your lawn green all summer long, the amount of water your lawn needs changes every week according to the weather and length of day. Regularly adjusting the watering schedule of your automatic irrigation system (unless you have a smart timer) will help you maintain a healthy, beautiful lawn and avoid wasting water. If you would like to receive a weekly watering advice email for the King County area courtesy of the Saving Water Partnership between April and October each year, complete this form. More information is available at savingwater.org.