Water Supply and Rates NOT Affected by Drought Declaration

The declaration of statewide drought will not affect the water supply or rates for Seattle or Northshore Utility District customers.  Normal water supply is expected for the Seattle water supply system this summer.

Northshore Utility District purchases all of its water from Seattle Public Utilities (SPU).  SPU’s current water supply outlook remains good for our region this summer.  The water we will use this summer is already impounded in the reservoirs.  The storage will allow us to have adequate water for the summer and not be affected by the drought.  SPU has been storing additional water from rainfall in their reservoirs and making operational adjustments to compensate for lower-than-normal snowpack.  The reservoirs are nearly full and in perfect shape for the summer demand.

Please note:  Northshore Utility District and Seattle Public Utilities have NO PLANS to further adjust the rates as a result of the Governor’s drought declaration.

If you have any questions regarding water supply issues, please contact jguthrie@nud.net for more information.