Water supply conditions return to normal.

Water Supply Conditions Return to Normal

Thank you, Northshore Utility District customers! Thanks to the recent rains in our mountain watersheds and your help in reducing water, we are no longer facing a potential water shortage. Customers can return to normal water use.

In September, we asked customers to voluntarily reduce their water usage after an unusually dry summer and a forecasted dry fall and winter. Currently, fall rains have increased our water storage to 100% of normal in the Cedar and Tolt watersheds.

Even though our mountain reservoirs are replenished, using water more efficiently year-round helps stretch our supply for current and future generations. Water conservation can help keep water bills as low as possible, and in many cases, reducing water use can also reduce your sewer bill. Find water-saving tips at savingwater.org.

We thank you for reducing your water use so that there is enough water for both people and fish!