NUD’s New Boat / Lake Line Inspection Project

NUD’s recently acquired pontoon boat—unofficially named the “S.S. Ewer”—began its inaugural inspections along the shores of Lake Washington this spring.

The aging sewer systems located along the lake line have been notoriously difficult to access without disturbing residences.  But maintaining these lines is vital to protect the health of both the residents and lake.  The new boat gives our crews direct access to inspect, repair, and service these lines.

Over the last several weeks alone, we have been able to collect video footage of nearly 5,300 feet of sewer main.  This lets us pinpoint any areas needing maintenance or repair.  Using the boat, our crews also raised six buried manhole structures.  Manholes serve as access portals to the main line, so keeping them accessible and in good working order is critical to maintaining a healthy sanitary sewer system.

We’re pleased the pontoon boat is already returning value in helping us do the vital work of keeping the sewer system healthy and protecting our public and environmental health.  So when you see that strange vessel docked at Kenmore Harbor, now you know its purpose!