NUD Customer Alert: Beware Phone Payment Scams

Northshore Utility District (NUD) was recently made aware of phone scams targeting District customers. The scammers threaten service termination, unless the customer makes immediate payment of a delinquent bill over the phone.

NUD never solicits payments over the phone; in fact, NUD does not take phone payments. Currently, if payments are delinquent, District customers will receive a reminder letter, not a phone call.

Please beware and protect yourself from this and other potential scams that target utility customers:

  • Any caller who demands immediate payment is suspicious.
  • Scammers claiming to be utility representatives may leave a message to call back, usually an unfamiliar 1-800 or area code number.
  • Do not give access to any person claiming to be a utility representative without proper identification. Northshore Utility District representatives will always identify themselves with a District vehicle, uniform, and official ID badge.

Please contact us (or associated utility provider) first if you receive a suspicious call, and do not share credit card or bank information over the phone. A NUD representative can be reached 24 hrs/day at (425) 398-4400. Contact law enforcement if you see someone impersonating a District representative without proper identification.