Leaking faucet

May 15-19 is Water-Saving Week

Water-Saving Week is a great opportunity to minimize water waste, help the environment, and reduce your water bill. Northshore Utility District encourages all customers to celebrate the week by learning more about what can be done at home to save water.  Here are a few ideas:

Find and Fix Leaks: If your water bill is higher than usual, you might have a leak. Learn how to identify the source of leaks and fix them. Resolving leaks quickly saves water AND money!

Save Water with Weekly Lawn Watering Advice: Regularly adjusting your watering schedule will help you maintain a healthy, beautiful lawn and avoid wasting water. Check out the Saving Water Partnership’s Lawn Watering page every Saturday for advice on watering for the upcoming week.

Rebates for Water-Saving Projects: Rebates are available to help cover the costs of upgrading to more water-efficient equipment at your home, multifamily property, or business.

Learn more at savingwater.org.