In Memoriam of Commissioner Margaret Wiggins

The District’s long-time Commissioner, Margaret Wiggins, passed away unexpectedly on August 24, 2016, at age 63.  She served on the District’s Board of Commissioners continuously since 1998.

Margaret first ran for the Board position in 1997 to fill a vacancy created by the resignation of another Board member.  At that time Margaret, her husband and their two sons had been living in the District for 19 years.  An Air Force veteran and a former project manager for US West Communications, Margaret was active in the community and served as a Precinct Committee Officer for the Republican Party.

Having retired from regular employment and with two grown children, Margaret was able to direct her energy to the office of Commissioner and devoted a substantial amount of time to the District.  In addition to serving on the Board, she represented the District on numerous committees addressing regional, state or countywide issues.  After almost two decades of participation, Margaret was recognized as a leader among the appointed and elected officials of most agencies within the water and sewer industry.

Margaret always took her duties as Commissioner very seriously.  She demonstrated a keen interest in areas of emergency preparedness and cost containment.  As staff, we all knew that our recommendations must withstand vigorous scrutiny by Margaret if it might increase the cost of operating the District.  She extended the same inquisitive resolve towards rate adjustment proposals from King County and the Seattle Public Utilities —our wholesale suppliers—to keep costs down for the ratepayers.

Besides being busy with her work on behalf of the District, Margaret found time to continuously hone her skills to better serve the public.  While serving as Commissioner, Margaret attained the highest designation – the Gold Certificate – from the Commissioner Accreditation Program, issued by the Washington Association of Water and Sewer Districts.

Commissioner Wiggins’ devotion to her elected office did not go unnoticed.  Last November, she was re-elected to the position of Commissioner, receiving almost 72% of the total votes.  For her re-election campaign, she only put out seven old yard signs left over from the previous elections.

Margaret will be greatly missed by those she represented, her friends and colleagues in the industry and the District staff.

Late long-time Commissioner Margaret Wiggins (pictured here with Commissioner Trudy Rolla and Senator David Frockt)