Water Pressure or Flow Issue?

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If you are experiencing higher or lower than normal water levels, determine first whether your issue is a WATER FLOW or a WATER PRESSURE issue. 

  • Water FLOW issues will be isolated to a single fixture and are usually caused by buildup in pipes or faucet screens.  Some homes built before 1970 may have corroded galvanized pipes, which will cause a yellowish tinge in water, along with reducing flow levels.
  • Water PRESSURE issues usually affect all water fixtures and are most commonly caused by a failed pressure reducing valve (PRV).  Click HERE for info sheet on how to check for and repair a failed PRV.

How do you know if you have a PRV?  PRVs are required by the Uniform Plumbing Code for all homes receiving water pressure above 80 psi (pounds per square inch) to regulate pressure and protect your home pipes and appliances. 

Don't know what water pressure is supplied to you?  Please call us at (425) 398-4403 or email dispatch@nud.net.

Still have questions about your pressure fluctuations?  Contact our Operations Dispatch at (425) 398-4403.  We can arrange to have a field staff member meet with you.  We can take a pressure reading at your hose bib to determine what pressure is supplied to your home and assist you with troubleshooting the issue further. 

More info on installing and repairing PRVs: 

  •  Click HERE for manufacturer spec sheet: "How to Install a PRV"
  •  Search YouTube "pressure reducing valve" for video tips on how to install and repair a PRV