Locating Water and Sewer Lines

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King County's interactive pipeline diagram helps show which utility pipelines belong to you vs. NUD or the City. 

Diagram of Public vs Private Responsibility

Your home's water and sewer lines are your privately-owned infrastructure.  Northshore Utility District can only locate the infrastructure we own, operate and maintain - the water mains in the right-of-way and the water lines from the main to the meter.  NUD does not repair private property or keep records of private plumbing.

    • NUD CAN provide your side sewer asbuilts.  We keep these on record because we must inspect each new connection to the sanitary sewer system.  Call (425) 398-4403 or email engineering@nud.net to request.

    How do you locate your water lines to repair a leak?  A private locating company uses special equipment to mark out where your water lines run from the meter to your home.  The water line will frequently run the most direct route from the meter to your home, but it is a good idea to get professional assistance before digging.

    • Short list of private locating companies (provided through WA Utility Notification Center).  Please note:  as a public entity, we cannot recommend any service over another, nor is the list comprehensive.

    "Call Before You Dig" - it's the law!  Before you do any kind of excavation on your property, you should call the One Call System at 811 or 1 (800) 424-5555.  The private company will contact all other utilities in the area to locate their equipment at the site--gas, power, phone, internet, etc.  This will prevent any damage to other utilities or neighboring service lines.  Please note:  They require 48 hours notice before you need to dig, or 24 hours in emergencies.  Click the image for their website.


    What are those colored lines near my property?
      If you notice multi-colored marks in the easement area near your property, you can expect some kind of improvement or repair has been scheduled by a utility.  Each utility uses a different color paint to mark their infrastructure.  Gas lines are yellow, power is red, phone and television cable are orange, water is blue, and sewer is green.