Board of Commissioners Votes for NO 2018 Rate Increases

March 15, 2018 – Kenmore, WA

Each year Northshore Utility District (NUD) evaluates its budget needs, weighing service and operating costs against future rate revenues. The District held public hearings on February 26, and March 5, 2018, regarding proposed rate adjustments that would take effect with all billing starting March 15, 2018.

No water or sewer rate increases for 2018

After strong consideration of public input and the District’s funding needs, the NUD Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to approve a Rate Resolution for 2018 with NO WATER OR SEWER RATE INCREASES, despite a 2.6% increase in our wholesale cost of water from Seattle Public Utilities (SPU). No sewer treatment cost increases were levied by King County for 2018. See rate tables below.

Balancing rising costs and service quality investments

When determining rates, the District looks at many factors related to providing your water and sewer services. Like any agency, we face continually rising business costs. These include increases in wholesale water and wastewater treatment rates, costs for security and technology, power, communications, construction, and increased wages and local municipal fees.


At the same time, we work to make smart investments to increase the quality of your services—investments in infrastructure to accommodate a growing service area and keep up with aging pipelines, IT security systems to protect your information, and new technology to improve internal efficiency and customer experience.


Efficient operating practices and reserves help fund some cost increases

Many agencies pass on all annual cost increases to customers, or require ratepayers to fund specific projects by special bond. NUD does neither. We work hard to keep internal costs down—and a comparatively low staff to service connection ratio—while funding improvement projects from reserves.

It is important to us to be prudent stewards of your rate dollars and keep your rate adjustments as even as possible, while still giving you the service you expect and deserve. If you can identify an area where we can be even more efficient, we welcome your feedback.

NUD rate comparison: lower rates than most neighboring utilities

Tables comparing our rates to neighboring King County water and sewer utilities are below for your reference.

Finding a meaningful comparison for rates among providers is often difficult. Agencies purchase water from different sources; some have their own sewer processing plants and do not rely on King County. These can have a profound impact on rates, making comparisons less meaningful.

*The sample water and sewer bills do not include any franchise fees charged by, and paid to, the respective cities that impose such fees on the District. They also do not include the utility tax that city utilities impose on their own direct service ratepayers. If you are a City of Kirkland resident, the City’s franchise fee is added as a multiplier to your water and sewer service rates. Residents of Bothell, Kenmore, and Lake Forest Park see their respective franchise fees listed as a separate line item on their water and sewer bills.
+NUD is the only provider to offer such a discount.



Questions or comments?

If you have any questions regarding your rates, please feel free to call us at (425) 398-4402 or email us at Your elected Commissioners welcome the opportunity to discuss policy or the future direction of the District with you. Please feel free to contact any of them by phone or email. Contact information is listed on our website at