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    Temperatures could soon slide into freezing - is your home plumbing protected?

    Click HERE for a few tips on how to prevent frozen and broken pipes, and what to do when you have one.

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    Our new paperless billing option is available now!

    Click HERE for more information and to sign up

  • NUD Career Opportunities

    We're hiring - come work with us!

    A career in utilities combines a high starting wage, great family benefits, diverse work, and a mission of providing vital community service. See more about our benefits and apply HERE.

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    Thank you for helping us serve you better!

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  • Faucet Drip March 20-26th Is Fix-A-Leak Week

    Did you know a faucet drip can waste more than 3,000 gallons per year? Fix-a-Leak Week is a great opportunity to track down those little - or big - home water leaks. Read on for what you can do.
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  • stormwater-runoff Water Leak or Ground Water?

    That water rushing down your street or driveway could actually be storm water runoff. Read on for how to tell the difference, route calls to the right crews, and (hopefully) ease your mind about water leaks on your lines.
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