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Service Rates

After considering public input and the District’s funding needs, the NUD Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to approve a Rate Resolution for 2019 with NO WATER OR SEWER RATE INCREASES, despite a 0.7% increase in our wholesale cost of water from Seattle Public Utilities (SPU), and a 2.5% increase from King County for sewer treatment costs. See rate tables below.

2019 Bimonthly Single-Family Water and Sewer Rates Table

2019 NUD Rate Chart

Rate Comparison Graph

Comparing rates among other agencies can be difficult, since wholesale service providers significantly impact costs. Some agencies have their own water and wastewater treatment plants, whereas NUD uses regional providers SPU for water and King County for wastewater.

The table below compares NUD's rates to neighboring utility providers who also purchase water from SPU and pay King County to treat their sewage. 

2019 Rate Comparison Graph

1 Sample water and sewer bills below do not include franchise fees or utility taxes (set by and paid directly to cities). NUD's bill info reflects our 5% early payment discount, used by over 85% of NUD ratepayers. No other provider offers this discount.

About Franchise Fees

The District has entered into franchise agreements with each city in which it provides service.  Per the terms of these agreements, the District is required to pay each city a franchise fee.  These are separate fees set by and paid directly to each city, either listed as a separate line item on your bill or embedded within your rates.  The District does not keep any of the amounts collected.

2017 Franchise Fees Table

Billing Information 

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