Fleet & Facilities

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The Fleet and Facilities department is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all District vehicles, equipment and facilities. This includes all generators at our reservoirs, lift and pump stations, along with the one at the District headquarters. We also maintain and repair vehicles for other local agencies including the cities of Lake Forest Park, Kenmore, and Bothell, as well as the Northshore Fire Department. In all, the District provides services and repairs to a total of 134 vehicles and 17 emergency generators with only a lead mechanic and two full-time mechanics.

Why does Northshore Utility District offer maintenance and services to other agencies? The benefit is significant savings towards the cost of the tools, training, and diagnostic needed by centralizing these costs across the agencies.  In other words, such inter-agency cooperation benefits our region as a whole and provides the best value for our ratepayers and residents in the area whose taxes support the other agencies we serve.  



The following is a list of all vehicles Northshore Utility District maintains and repairs:

Northshore Utility District

40 small vehicles

7 CDL trucks (Vactor, Dump, etc...)

14 Larger work equipment large (backhoes, trailers, etc...)

46 Smaller work equipment (weed eaters, saws) 

Northshore Fire

7 -  Fire, Rescue & Aid Trucks

10 - Vehicles

Lake Forest Park Police

17 police cars and transport van

Lake Forest Park Public works

4 - Large work equipment (backhoes, slope mower, street sweeper

9 - Small work equipment (snowplow, street sander, and mowers)

34 - LFP vehicles

City Of Kenmore

14 small trucks and cars

City of Bothell

5 police motorcycles

2 Large equipment


We additionally service 17 emergency generators for all agencies ranging from 20kW to 350kW.

 Truck side view