Paperless Billing

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Northshore Utility District is pleased to announce that our new paperless eBilling option is available now to property owners and agents.


Property owners and agents who elect to enroll in the eBilling program will receive their bimonthly bill as an electronic email attachment, rather than a mailed hard copy

The eBill will look exactly the same as the hard copy, and all payment options will remain the same. 

You may also select the option of receiving both a hard and electronic copy of your billing statements.


Only property owners and property managers may enroll in eBilling.  The eBilling program is not available for tenants.  If you have a tenant living at your property who would like to receive an emailed billing statement, the owner and/or agent must enroll in the eBilling program and forward their emailed statement to the tenant.


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Fill out the Authorization Agreement and Enrollment Form, then click "SUBMIT" at the bottom of the form (or email to 

Applications must be received at least 15 days prior to your next billing date to allow time to process.

Once received and approved, the authorization will remain in effect until the District has received written notification from the owner and/or agent requesting termination.  Please allow at least 15 days to process termination.  eBilling will also terminate when the District receives a request for a final bill (change of owner).  Please note:  Final Bills are not generated electronically; these must be received as hard copies.

Please retain a copy of your signed application for your records.

If you have further questions, please contact us at (425) 398-4402, or