Small Works Projects

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For contracts with an estimated cost less than or equal to $300,000.00 the District follows the provisions set forth in the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) section 39.04.155, for Small Works Roster Contract Procedures and Limited Public Works Process. Currently, the District utilizes the small works roster on the Municipal Research and Services Center of Washington (MRSC) website.

In the bid solicitation process, the District solicits bids from contractors in a manner that equitably distributes the opportunity among the contractors on the appropriate small works roster. Solicited contractors are sent a bid package which includes the plans, specifications and proposal sheet for the proposed project.

For projects with an estimated cost less than $35,000.00, under the limited public works process, the District may waive the performance bond and retainage requirements. However, regardless of the estimated cost of work, the District has elected to require the successful contractor furnish a performance bond and also monies for retainage will be held for the project.

After bids are opened, tabulated and checked for errors, the results are emailed to the contractors providing bids for the project. If the estimated cost of work is between $150,000.00 and less than or equal to $300,000.00, the bid results are emailed to all the contractors on the appropriate small works roster. Lastly, per the RCW procedures, the District maintains a Small Works Project list on it’s website for public review, outlining information regarding the projects that have been awarded utilizing the small works roster process (see attached).