Private Water Service Lines Upgrade

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There are a number of neighborhoods within our District that are served by long private water service lines (aka "spaghetti lines") located in private roads. The ownership, repair and replacement of these long private water lines, and the rehabilitation of the private roads, is the responsibility of the property owners. 

The District has initiated a new program that may provide some of our customers with relief from the cost and inconvenience of owning and maintaining the long private water service lines in the private roads. A new policy (Engineering Policy No. 9) adopted by our Board of Commissioners creates an opportunity for the District to assist property owners in replacing their existing long private water service lines with a District-owned water main and repaving the existing private road.  A copy of the policy and supporting documents is located below:

The annual deadline for this program is December 15th.

For additional information, please e-mail the Engineering Department with your questions or call 425-398-4401.