Emergency Water Supply Contest

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Emergency Water Contest. Send us a photo of your emergency water supply, and you can win a LifeStraw portable water filter.

Every home needs a supply of emergency water - at least 3 gallons* per person/pet (*FEMA recommends 7-10 days, if possible.)

It's easy to create your supply - for simple steps, head over here.

 bottled water cases

 emergency water supply in basement

If you don't have an emergency water supply, you can either buy bottled water and rotate through every 6 months-1 year, or store in your own containers (here's how to do this safely). Choose whatever way best meets your needs.


To support your emergency water preparedness efforts, we're giving away 30 LifeStraws®* - portable water filters that can be a great addition to your emergency prep kits!


  1. Be a NUD customer.
  2. Send us a picture of your emergency water supply.  Email to emergencywater@nud.net, (or post to NUD's Facebook page).

Nothing fancy needed!  Your water supply could be three cases of bottled water in your garage or car - or 20 gallon drums in a designated prep shed. The main point is that you have one.

Send us your water supply picture


That's all!  We'll run the contest through December 15, 2017, then randomly choose 30 winners among eligible participants.  Only one entry per household is eligible.

Thanks for preparing and participating!

*NUD does not promote or endorse the LifeStraw® product and cannot be held liable for its product claims. LifeStraw® users are advised to follow manufacturer instructions when using.