Hopefully you will be able to find the answers to all of your billing related questions here.  If not, please feel free to contact us at 425-398-4400 during normal business hours (8:00am - 4:30pm M-F) or by sending email to billing@nud.net.
  • BILLING - How often will I receive a bill?

  • BILLING - My bill seems higher than usual. What should I do?

  • BILLING - Sometimes my water bill fluctuates. Why is that?

  • BILLING - What are my bill payment options?

  • CONTACT INFORMATION - How do I contact NUD?

  • CONTACT INFORMATION - Why is this so important?

  • DISCOUNTS - Does the District allow discounts?

  • EMERGENCY - Who should I call in case of a water or sewer emergency, such as a broken main or fire hydrant?

  • FRANCHISE FEES - What are they?

  • LATE PAYMENTS - If I am late in paying my bill, how much time will lapse before my water is turned off?

  • LEAKS - My water service line is leaking . What do I do?