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It's Salmon SEEson!

Post Date:08/28/2019 3:22 PM

Each fall native salmon begin their journey from the ocean to their birthplaces in the streams and rivers that feed into Puget Sound. The Salmon SEEson program helps people witness this amazing migration at locations around King County. Please visit for more information and for a map of viewing locations click here

Salmon are a keystone species in the Pacific Northwest; they have shaped our landscape as much as the glaciers and volcanoes. They feed us and their presence tells us that our rivers are healthy. They are also the primary food source for southern resident orcas. With recent low salmon numbers, our orcas are struggling to survive. And at least 136 other species depend on the nutrients that salmon provide.

Water conservation helps protect salmon habitats, use water wisely! We share our drinking water supply with salmon, trout and many other species. Using water wisely helps ensure we’ll have enough water to support freshwater habitat this fall and for generations to come. It’s particularly important to conserve water in the summer and fall months when stream flows are naturally low and adult salmon are returning to rivers to spawn. Salmon have a challenging journey; please be fish-friendly and use water wisely. Visit the Saving Water Partnership at for a list of tips to reduce water use, and promote them.



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